Balsam Range 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

On Saturday, March 4 we gathered at the Colonial Theatre in Canton, NC to celebrate our tenth year of playing music together...our bandiversary! What a night it was. We did songs from each of our six albums, what we could remember anyway! It was so gratifying to see so many people in the crowd  that have been with us the entire ten years. Family and friends that mean so much to us. Also, new friends that have come on board with us along the way. It was a great night of stories and songs.

We have a lot of people to thank for the fact that we are still going after a decade of music.

-Mickey Gamble and our Mountain Home family for believing in our band even before we had a name for it.

-Mike Drudge at Class Act Entertainment for helping us get our music across the country, and soon, the world.

-John Holder, our sound engineer, for unparalleled excellence.

-Mandy Tenery, our tour manager, for keeping up with where we are supposed to be!

Most importantly, our wives. Hope, Carla, Anita, Jennifer, and Rachel. Thank you for having the strength to manage everything while we are away. None of these things would have happened without you!

To our kids, we love you all so much! Talking to you is the best part of any trip.

Thank you to all of you that come to hear us, buy our music, and play us on your stations. We hope that it has been worth it for you. It sure has been for us!

God bless,

Balsam Range

We hope you enjoy this fun mini-documentary about the aforementioned evening created by our friend, Becky Seymour with Shmeckie Media.


Here are a few images captured by another wonderful friend, Wayne Ebinger!