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It has been said that great songs are timeless. But they also organize time into attractive human pieces while their lyrics manage their way into our hearts and minds with lasting meaning. Great music has no expiration date—it is Aeonic.

On the heels of their second International Bluegrass Music Association Entertainer of the Year award, this eminent band continues to be a tour de force in Bluegrass with their album, Aeonic, released January 4, 2019 from Mountain Home Music Company.


  1. The Girl Who Invented the Wheel

  2. Tumbleweed Town

  3. The Rambler

  4. Get Me Gone

  5. Hobo Blues

  6. Help Me to Hold On

  7. Let My Life Be a Light

  8. My Cross To Bear

  9. Graveyard Blues

  10. Angel Too Soon

  11. If I Need Someone

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Mountain Overture


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Mountain Overture, from Mountain Home Music Company, takes the band’s most-loved songs and elevates them, pulling together the rustic and symphonic for a profound effect.

The music scores, arranged by Wes Funderburk and Shelley Washington lift the heartfelt tale of “Trains I Missed” (IBMA 2011 Song of the Year), intensify the sentimental longing of “Blue Mountain,” and draw out the melancholia of “I Hear the Mountains.”


with Atlanta Pops Orchestra Ensemble

  1. Trains I Missed

  2. Blue Mountain

  3. Eldorado Blue

  4. From A Georgia Battlefield

  5. Any Old Road (Will Take You There)

  6. Jack Diamond

  7. Matthew

  8. Last Train to Kitty Hawk

  9. I Hear The Mountains

  10. Burning Georgia Down

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Mountain Voodoo


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Nominated for three International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Awards (Entertainer, Vocal Group, and Vocalist of the Year) for 2016, Balsam Range is offering something that is sure to continue to mesmerize fans of Bluegrass and beyond with their release of Mountain Voodoo.

Mountain Voodoo is like the book of life “Chapter Six” for Balsam Range; 13-tracks filled with songs of journey, home, sense of place, hardcore stomping drive, and longing. There are fiery instrumental parts alternating with heavy, deep ballads overlaid by the vocal harmonies the group has become known for.


  1. Something ‘Bout That Suitcase

  2. Blue Collar Dreams

  3. Voodoo Doll

  4. Eldorado Blue

  5. The Girl From The Highlands

  6. I Hear The Mountains

  7. Chain Gang Blues

  8. Rise And Shine

  9. Spring Hill

  10. Hello Heartache

  11. Lines in the Sand

  12. Don’t Walk Away

  13. Wish You Were Here

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The band has a consistent knack for conveying emotion with power. The result is a heartfelt delivery of tributes to working class heroes, an original Gospel a cappella song, a pulsing instrumental, and even a John Denver classic. The group pulls from diverse influences and original sources while giving each track the Balsam Range treatment. Five is an album full of songs that have both drive and nuance. With the band’s level of success and their delivery of great albums, expectations are high. Balsam Range Five will not disappoint but continues to raise the bar for the best bluegrass of today.


  1. Moon Over Memphis

  2. Chasing Someone Else’s Dreams

  3. From a Georgia Battlefield

  4. Stacking Up the Rocks

  5. Monday Blues

  6. Songs I’ve Sung

  7. Too High a Price to Pay

  8. The Future’s Not What It Used to Be

  9. Don’t Watch These Tears

  10. I Spend My Days Below The Ground

  11. Backdraft (You Light It, You Fight It)

  12. Matthew

  13. Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)

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Papertown is a perfect mix of stellar tunes from award winning writers such as Carl Jackson, Jerry Salley, and Shawn Camp, as well as grassed up versions of familiar songs from the Allman Brothers and others. Add the band’s gospel cuts and a soulful version of Buddy and Julie Miller’s “Wide River to Cross,” and this album will appeal to a wide range of musical tastes.


  1. Other Side of the Mountain

  2. Any Old Road (Will Take You There)

  3. Wide River To Cross

  4. Day In The Life of a Railroad Spike

  5. Better Days

  6. Born Ramblin’ Man

  7. Row by Row

  8. Building The Fire

  9. One Way Out

  10. I Ain’t Leavin’

  11. I Could Do You Some Good

  12. Papertown

  13. The Streamlined Cannonball

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Trains I Missed


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The title track, “Trains I Missed” – written by Walt Wilkins, Gilles Godard, and Nicole Witt – is a ballad about things not done in life, that leads you straight to what was supposed to be. “Trains I Missed” is one of those songs that helps define a moment in one’s life, as well as in one’s career.


  1. Trains I Missed

  2. The Other Side

  3. Callin’ Caroline

  4. East Virginia Blues

  5. The Touch

  6. Hard Price To Pay

  7. Gonna be Movin’

  8. Meanwhile

  9. On the Run

  10. A Heart That Won’t Stop Loving You

  11. Memory of You

  12. Runnin’ Through My Mind

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Last Train to Kitty Hawk


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This 12 track recording has it all – tunes written in-house as well as songs written by well-known writers such as Larry Cordle, Dottie Rambo and Charlie Monroe. Caleb Smith, BR’s guitarist, demonstrates his writing skills with a lonesome ballad “Jack Diamond” and an instrumental piece, “Jaxon Point”. Millan Miller, the pen behind “Burning Georgia Down” and “Calloway County Flood” recorded on Marching Home, shows up again with Caney Fork River – a lively tune where the character comes full circle by the end of the tune. The driving track, “Julie’s Train” was a result of Buddy Melton and friends getting together and working through a tune in the living room.


  1. Julie’s Train

  2. Place No Wreath

  3. I’m Lonesome Without You

  4. Somewhere In Between

  5. Last Train to Kitty Hawk

  6. Caney Fork River

  7. Jack Diamond

  8. Spring Will Bring Flowers

  9. Don’t Take Me Tonight As I Am

  10. Down In Caroline

  11. The Holy Hills

  12. Jaxon Point

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Marching Home


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The album features six great Bill Monroe songs and seven original tunes written by band members and by today’s premier songwriters. Marching Home grabs your attention from the start with the rocking bluegrasser “The Train’s Ready” as well as “Calloway County Flood” and fan favorite “Burning Georgia Down.” The band’s debut album Marching Home has been receiving rave reviews from fans and music critics throughout the music industry. The album was recently recorded in Arden, NC at Crossroads Studios and was produced by Jerry Salley, award winning songwriter.


  1. The Train’s Ready

  2. Blue Mountain

  3. Calloway County Flood

  4. I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling

  5. Burning Georgia Down

  6. Could’ve Fooled Me

  7. Goodbye Old Pal

  8. Crying’ Holy Unto The Lord

  9. Marching Home

  10. Come Back To Me In My Dreams

  11. I’m Just As Wrong

  12. The Boat of Love

  13. Travelin’ This Lonesome Road

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Secrets, Dreams & Pretty Things


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A stellar set of original Bluegrass songs from two old friends. Featuring Sammy Shelor, Adam Steffey, Caleb Smith, Aubrey Haynie, Missy Armstrong, Marc Pruett, Carl Jackson, Darren Nicholson, Rob Ickes, Tim Surrett, Mark Bumgarner, Ron Stewart, Adam Wright, Seth Taylor, Ron Shuffler and Terry Baucom


  1. Adeline

  2. Joseph

  3. Will I Want To

  4. Secrets in the Shadows

  5. White Oak Mountain

  6. Big City Dreams Die Hard

  7. Took up Crying

  8. Tangled Web

  9. Nowhere to Hide

  10. When a Woman Leaves

  11. The Boy from Valdese

  12. Lost and Alone in This World

Fret a Spell | Darren Nicholson

Fret a Spell


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A high octane instrumental bluegrass record that sounds like getting hit in the face with a wet squirrel.


  1. Rawhide

  2. Kansas City Kitty

  3. Ashokan Farewell

  4. Flint Hill Special

  5. Cherokee Lady

  6. Crow on a Wire

  7. Shenandoah Breakdown

  8. In the Sweet by and By

  9. Old Jah Clark Mon

  10. Bluegrass Twist

  11. Lost Indian

  12. What a Friend We Have in Jesus

  13. Roanoke

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Buddy Melton



Buddy’s debut solo album contains a fourteen song package with a tasteful mix of uncut gems and classic bluegrass tunes. Backed by a stellar instrumental cast that includes Tony Rice (guitar), Marc Pruett (banjo), Adam Steffey (mandolin) and Tim Surrett (upright bass), Buddy’s powerful tenor voice soars to unbelievable heights, and his tasty fiddle playing serves as the spice needed to complete the ensemble.


  1. Caney Fork River

  2. Dig A Hole In The Meadow

  3. Midnight And Lonesome

  4. Ruby (Are You Mad)

  5. He Had The World On His Shoulders

  6. My Rose of Old Kentucky

  7. Burning Georgia Down

  8. Blue And Lonesome

  9. Get In Line Brother

  10. Good Ole Boys Like Me

  11. Big Sandy River

  12. 99 Years

  13. Green Pastures

  14. Pretty Polly

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Things Left Undone


Darren Nicholson solo album. Special Guests: Rhonda Vincent, Carl Jackson, Steve Sutton, Tim Surrett, John Driskell Hopkins, Bobby Hicks, Milan Miller, Jennifer Nicholson, Audie Blaylock, Eddie Rose, Mike Ramsey, Aaron Ramsey, David Johnson, Steve Thomas, Tony Creasman, Jeff Collins, Griff Martin, & Kevin Sluder.


  1. Things Left Undone

  2. Durango

  3. I’m Not Going There Today

  4. Dancin’ In The Kitchen

  5. Bluegrass Stomp

  6. Like My Dog

  7. Give Mother My Crown

  8. Sugar Creek Gap

  9. In A Perfect World

  10. Traveling Teardrop Blues

  11. Ways I’ve Always Been

  12. Can’t You See

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Streamline Canonball



This album is a Marc Pruett solo album. Marc has lived all his life in Haywood and Buncombe Counties, and he is dedicated to preserving the musical traditions of his native region. Pruett received a banjo for Christmas when he was eleven years old, after hearing Earl Scruggs on the radio and getting excited about the instrument. Over the next years he learned by observing and imitating local banjo players. He includes among his influences were local masters Mike Pressley, Raymond Fairchild, Shorty Eager, Roy Kirkpatrick, Howard Burnette, and Tom McKinney. This album is essential listening.


  1. Streamline Cannonball

  2. Wildwood Flower

  3. Shortening’ Bread

  4. Down In The Willow Garden

  5. McCloud’s Reel

  6. Whoa, Mule!

  7. Home Sweet Home

  8. Cotton Eye Joe

  9. Grandfather’s Clock

  10. Gray Eagle

  11. Foggy Mountain Breakdown

  12. Orange Mountain Special

  13. Dublin’ Banjos

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It’s Christmas Time


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Celebrate the holidays with Balsam Range. Album includes a range of your holiday hits, all performed with love and good cheer by your favorite Bluegrass band.


  1. Christmas Lullaby

  2. The First Noel

  3. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

  4. I’m Going Home, It’s Christmas

  5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

  6. Jingle Bells